About ARK1

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement:
ARK1 works to improve the quality of life of African communities and their local environment.

ARK1 works in partnership with African communities to promote long-term economic self-reliance in a healthy environment. By providing the necessary infrastructure, equipment and training and by empowering the local community, ARK1 aims to create long-lasting economic and social development opportunities including the promotion of tourism as an additional source of sustainable income.

Directors & Committee

Mamadou Mar
(Director Senegal)
Born and raised in Yoff, Mamadou is a Mason (Bricklayer) and Building Supervisor by trade. He learnt English literacy at an early age and was an official translator at the United Nations Congress in Dakar (Senegal) in 2003. Mamadou is the Director and spokesperson for ARK1 in Senegal.

Philip Reed
(Director Australia)
Founder of ARK1, Philip’s professional career as a Carpenter / Builder and later in life an Offshore Medic / Safety Advisor including 25 yrs of supervisory experience have given him the practical skills and knowledge to manage ARK1 projects. Phil has lived in 6 countries and worked in many others and is passionate about working with indigenous cultures and helping underprivileged people. “With my dedicated team, community engagement and of course public support, there’s nothing we cannot achieve Phil Reed

Arouna Mbengue
Born & raised in Yoff, Arouna is a respected member of the Yoff Fishing
Community. Being an active Fisherman and relying on fish to support his family, he’s well aware of changes occurring in his community and the fact that hardships are set to continue or worsen with declining fish stocks. Arouna spends his time spreading the “Set Setal” message and bringing people together to work on the practical aspect of the village clean up efforts as well as working on new initiatives and projects aimed at long term self sufficiency.

Youssou Ndao
Originally from Koalac but now resident of Yoff, Youssou is an Educator / Teacher for children and young adults. Youssou’s mission is to spread the “Set Setal” message through the schools, as well as working with people to teach them the skills to read, write & speak French and English, thus enabling them to work with tourism or international investors.

Guiding Principles

ARK1 requires all Board members, Committee members and volunteers to adhere to the following guiding principles:

1 Environmental Sustainability

  • + Development of infrastructure to effectively control local waste
  • + Reliance on renewable, locally available resources when possible
  • + Educate, train and develop programs to help create and preserve a healthy environment

2 Economic Development

  • + Invest in local business enterprise & emerging entrepreneurs
  • + Promote sustainable livelihoods that honour local heritage

3 Community-led Solutions

  • + Encourage grass-roots initiatives to empower the local community
  • + Support ownership of programs by the local people
  • + Emphasize local knowledge for community led solutions
  • + Promote gender equality in the decision process and management.

4 Commitment to Education

  • + Create opportunities for ongoing education in the community
  • + Eliminate gender disparity in education
  • + Develop and implement curriculums that embrace the above principles

ARK1 promotes a working environment that values respect, fairness and integrity and adheres to a Code of Ethics.


ARK1 Association
3 Leschenaultia Street
Greenwood , Western Australia 6024
Tel: +61 8 9447 1910
Email: ark1phil@yahoo.fr

Association ARK1
Boite Postale 3074 DAKAR
Senegal, West Africa
Email: ark1phil@yahoo.fr

Financial Information

Of every ARK1 dollar donated by the public, 96% goes to local projects in Africa . Administration costs are fixed at 4% and the shortfall is currently covered by the Directors’ personal contributions and in the future may be financed in part by profit generated through the sale of promotional material.

ARK1 is a Non-Profit Organization and is Registered in Australia (ACN# 130-570-633) and in Senegal , West Africa as an ‘Association’.